The Dancin' Digits Ceilidh Wedding Band is one of the top Wedding Ceilidh bands in Northern Ireland. The band consists of Piano Accordion, Fiddle/Whistle, Drums and dedicated Caller. We specialise in providing quality music and entertainment for Weddings and Civil Partnerships. We have been on the go since 2016.


As of June 2019, the Dancin' Digits Ceilidh Band are providing entertainment for weddings and civil partnerships only. For all other event types please visit The Steven Wilson Ceilidh Collective

The Ceilidh

What is a Ceilidh?

Often thought of as a Barn Dance, the Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is a Social Gathering complimented with energetic traditional music and dance. The magic of the Ceilidh is that it is a perfect ice breaker and crowd mixer.This makes it great for weddings. Everyone can join in, young or old, experienced dancers or first timers.


What does the band play?

The band perform traditional music with different Rhythms, Styles and Tempos. The tunes are well weathered and recognised traditional pieces which are arranged specifically for the dances.


What is a Caller?

Our experienced caller will guide you through all the steps before and during each dance. No need to worry about experience or having "two left feet". You'll find that our caller will make the most inexperienced of dancers feel at ease.



Sadly Dancin' Digits has come to an end. A series of unfortunate events with the final straw being COVID has led us to make this decision. We thank all our customers and those that helped us become what we were. Hopefully, when the pandemic has passed we can make a fresh start but until then stay safe and look after each other.

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